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The Intuit Women's Network is comprised of over 500 women & men at Intuit Inc. - in Canada, the UK, the US, India & beyond.

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Intuit is committed to creating an inclusive environment where women bring their unique talents, experiences and perspectives to work everyday - to make significant contributions to the success of the company and to build a great place to work. The Intuit Women's Network is designed to help Intuit's women be the best they can be, both personally and professionally.

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Intuit Women's Network Purpose

The Network is an Intuit-wide opportunity for women to connect with and learn from their peers, develop their leadership skills and manage their professional development.

The Intuit Women's Network was formed to help women be the best they can be through role modeling, mentoring, coaching, and networking opportunities. Members share their knowledge and experiences in order to develop their skills as leaders and role models.

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