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Salary, Perks & Benefits At Intuit Canada

Highly Competitive Salaries and Extensive Benefit Plans & Perks

We're happy to offer our employees industry-leading compensation packages, including competitive pay & benefits. Read more about compensation below.

We pay 100% of premiums for nearly all medical & dental plans. Plus, vision, disability, life & accident insurance, maternity/paternity leave, RRSP matching, and employee assistance.

At Intuit, we like to go the extra mile for our employes. That's why we offer bus pass reimbursement, tuition assistance, fitness incentives, product discounts, adoption assistance and corporate giving.

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Intuit Pay Salary

Base Salary

We offer competitive salaries to attract, retain and motivate you. We also believe in rewarding you for excellent performance. Our merit-based system ties salary increases and promotion opportunities to the results you deliver that help Intuit grow.


Incentive Pay

You deserve rewards for exceptional performance, so we offer bonus and incentive programs at all levels of the organization. They include sales commissions, support and customer service incentives and other programs.


Spotlight Recognition

Everyone appreciates being appreciated. To thank you for a job well done, our peer recognition tool allows us to recognize each other with cash and other awards.

And if you stick around a while, we'll celebrate your milestone employment anniversaries with service awards.


Employee Stock Purchase Plan

If you're eligible, we offer you the opportunity to participate in our Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). You can buy Intuit common stock at 85% of market value. Purchase periods run for three months, four times a year.

Open enrollment is held in February, May, August and November. You can enroll and direct up to 10% of your taxable income (including commissions) into the plan through payroll deductions.


Stock Units

You will receive a mixture of stock units and stock options. A stock unit is equal to one share of Intuit stock. Once a stock unit vests, it converts to one share of Intuit stock and is provided to you with no purchase necessary.

Your stock unit grant is 50% vested after two years and 100% vested after three years of employment at Intuit.


Stock Options

We give you the opportunity to share in the company's success by offering stock options. That means you will have the right to buy stock in the company at a specified price once the options vest.

Stock options vest over three years, and you're eligible to receive them if you're a regular employee working 20 hours a week or more.