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Intuit QuickBooks Education - Software & Curriculum

Accounting & Payroll Software for Educators

Intuit is pleased to offer educators (who teach accounting or business courses in adult education, post-secondary or secondary institutions) a package of FREE curriculum - featuring our best-selling1 QuickBooks small business software. Combined with Payroll, this complete package consists of:

  1. QuickBooks 2012 Premier Edition software, with Payroll (available by download only)
  2. Downloadable PDF copy of these resource guides for instructors:
    1. QuickBooks in the Classroom, or
    2. QuickBooks in the High School Classroom
  3. A PDF copy of the QuickBooks Learning Guide
  4. An Academic Site License Agreement for software installation on any institutional PC (instruction purposes only)
  5. Free product support for registered instructors
  6. Members-only access to online resources


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Join the Intuit QuickBooks Education Program
Join the Intuit QuickBooks Education Program

Join the Intuit QuickBooks Education Program

It's just 2 steps to sign up for the Education Program:

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Once we've received your Registration Form and verified your academic qualifications, you'll receive an Intuit Academic Site License Agreement, allowing you to use the free QuickBooks products in your institution.

Next? Your FREE Curriculum will then be sent to you by email.

Why Teach QuickBooks?

Why Teach QuickBooks?

Put QuickBooks in your classroom today, and get an Instructors guide in PDF format that has 15 independent lessons that are easy to follow and teach. You could teach all lessons to fill up your semester - or pick & choose which ones would best benefit your students.

You receive a downloadable version of QuickBooks for all your lab computers, free technical support (for instructors only) as well coupons to hand out to students wanting to pursue their passion with QuickBooks. With this coupon, students will have access to a free QuickBooks Educational version to install on their own computers.

Lessons in the Curriculum

Lessons in the Curriculum

Every lesson includes a list of student objectives, handout materials and instructor preparation materials for the lessons in the student workbook, QuickBooks Learning Guide. All lessons also include step-by-step instructions & illustrations that make it easy for students to learn QuickBooks.

Teach Intuit Products - QuickBooks in Your Text Book

Are You Writing/Publishing a Text Book? Info for You

If you are writing or planning to publish a text book that incorporates accounting software - and you are considering including QuickBooks - please contact the Education Specialist for QuickBooks for assistance:


About QuickBooks 2012

About QuickBooks 2012

Over 4.4 million entrepreneurs, freelancers, accountants and small businesses worldwide use QuickBooks financial software, payroll solutions and additional finance services to help track money going in & out of their businesses. Teach your students to:

  • Easily manage cashflow
  • Track customer & supplier details
  • Stay organized

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