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Corporate Responsibility At Intuit Canada - Our Green Journey

Because Environmental Responsibility Comes In Shades Of Green

As a global citizen, Intuit Canada recognizes and values the importance of preserving the environment in its current state and working to help reverse environmental impact. That's why we've set out on a journey to go green.

We're starting with small changes that work for our employees & customers. And, as each small change becomes a new reality, we'll be moving closer and closer to becoming the deepest shade of green.

It's an ongoing journey. We're committed to it. And we hope you'll like what you see.

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Corporate Responsibility - Our Green Journey to a Healthier Environment
Corporate Responsibility - Workplace Initiatives

Improving The Environments We Work In

Our work environment is the one we spend most of our waking hours in. That's why Intuit Canada invests in eco-friendly solutions - from our facilities to our in-house recycling programs.

  • Goodbye, paper cups! Intuit Canada provides each employee with a reusable water bottle and coffee mug, eliminating nearly 1 million paper cups each year.
  • Cutting paper waste in half. Each employee is encouraged to print and photocopy on both sides of the paper. What's the impact? Consider that the average North American uses nearly 12,000 sheets of paper each year1 - and divide that number by 2. See? Double-sided printing is a small change with a big effect.
  • Reducing office supply use. Reusing envelopes. Making notes on scrap paper. Using 100% recycled paper products. We do countless little things - and, in doing so, we've reduced our total office supply use by 23% over last year. And when we can't find a way to reuse gently-used office supplies or empty toner cartridges, we donate them to charities who can.
  • Building better buildings. Our Edmonton headquarters qualified for the Commercial Incentive Program in recognition of our energy-efficient building design, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

And, of course, we've actively implemented recycling programs for paper, cardboard & beverage containers throughout our Canadian offices.

Corporate Responsibility - Paper and Ink Waste Reductions

Responsibly Using Paper & Ink

Product packaging - from boxes & manuals to in-store displays - requires not only paper but also inks, glosses and other materials that contribute to our eco-footprint. Here's how we're working to lessen our impact.

Papers from Well-Managed Forests
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) of Canada certifies papers that contain FSC-certified wood fibre from well-managed forests and/or papers with post-consumer recycled content.

Intuit Canada has proudly switched to using only FSC-certified papers for our QuickTax boxes. In time, we hope to print all our materials on FSC-certified paper.

Learn about the Forest Stewardship Council

Non-Metallic Inks & Water-Based Glosses
Metallic inks & UV coatings are used to give printed materials improved luster. However, these products are not environmentally friendly.

That's why we've switched. This year, the packaging for nearly all Intuit Canada products - including ProFile, QuickBooks and QuickTax - uses vegetable-based inks rather than metallic inks and water-based aqueous coatings rather than UV coatings.